Ciste Spreagtha

This is for the first round with events taking place between the 1st and 17th March. Applications for the first round of the funding will close on the 1st February at 11:00am.

This fund is open to community organizations organizing events between the 1st – 17th March.

Only community organizations are eligible to apply to this fund.

  • The second round will be for events taking place between the 26th April and 30th August  2024
  • Applications for the second round of the fund will launch on the 18th March and will close on the 1st April
  • Please note that successful applicants in the first round will not be eligible for the second round.



Aims of the Fund:

  • Encouraging the use of Irish in the community 
  • Encourage community groups inside and outside the Gaeltacht to organise community events again 
  • Use Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia 2024 as a focus to encourage groups to submit applications for events throughout the festival. 


The Fund’s Secondary Goals to be addressed in funding applications:

  • Encourage people to be active in these new events
  • Attract people from different backgrounds who have not previously taken part in Irish language events to take part in your event
  • Assist groups that promote the Irish language in the community, both in Gaeltacht areas and outside of them
  • Distribute the fund across the island. 


Fund Conditions:

  • Deadline for the fund is 1st February at 11:00am 12:00 for events taking place during #SnaG24 (1-17 March)
  • Up to €1,000 available to for groups (please note only one application per group is permitted)
  • Schools, nurseries, political parties, government departments or local authorities cannot apply for the fund.
  • The fund cannot provide funding for capital costs
  • The fund cannot provide funding for rent or insurance costs
  • The fund cannot provide funding for Irish language classes costs
  • It is possible to apply to the fund for bilingual events but the Irish language must be central to the event
  • If funding is accepted, the groups accept the fund’s publicity plan with regards to usage of logos and hashtags (that the logos of Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia, Conradh na Gaeilge, and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media are visible on promotional material for the event and that the relevant hashtags will be use on social media posts).
  • If funding is accepted, the groups agree to submit feedback, financial spend and publicity and pictures pertaining to the fund by the 30th March 2024

Only community groups are able to apply for the fund