The biggest Irish language festival in Ireland and the world. 

Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) is an international Irish language festival and one of the biggest celebrations of our native language and culture that takes place each year in Ireland and in many other countries.

Lá na Meán Sóisialta Live from DCU!

Noel McGrath

I’m Noel McGrath and I play hurling for Tipperary. I’m delighted to be an ambassador for this exciting festival. The GAA is strongly linked with the Irish language and I’m looking forward to promoting Irish all over the country as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia.

Caitlín Nic Aoidh

Being from the Gaeltacht I’m very proud to be an ambassador for Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia. The festival helps promote the Irish language all over the country. This year I’m really looking forward to attending events, especially in the Gaeltacht!

James Patrice

Heya. My name is James Patrice and I’m thrilled to be an ambassador for Seachtain na Gaeilge le Energia this year. I love languages and am delighted to see more and more young people using their cúpla focal. Use your Gaeilge with me on Snapchat @jamespatrice or Insta and chat to your friends as Gaeilge. Don’t worry about making mistakes, every effort counts!

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